A City In Flames

One of the things I hate the most about having a 9-5 job is being on an extremely set schedule.  So much in fact that I find myself going through a mindless daze while getting ready for work in the morning. 6:45 am, I am up and at it.  Then I pretty much zombie-esque it to the shower, dress, blow dry my hair,  and half listen to the Today Show. 

So last week, after slightly waking up on the bus ride in, it dawned on me:

OMG. Did I unplug my iron?

Unless it is physically sang out loud to the iron, “I am unplugging you now!”,  I am unable to recall.

Panic began to arise and instant images of my apartment bursting into flames and ruining all of the people in my surrounding apartments and home’s lives exploded  into my mind!

Recently homes being lit on fire has become quite a fear of mine.  Literally EVERY morning there is a news report about an apartment building burning down.  If it can be an apartment building down the street, it could easily be mine next.   What is up with all the fires lately? Two days ago, an apartment in Chinatown, yesterday while walking home from yoga there was a fire in Midtown, & THIS MORNING another one in Queens! I think it’s time for us to review our fire safety handbooks.

I’m assuming one of the big culprits is that these old buildings are not physically able to keep up with today’s heavy electrical technology.  You figure, for example, let’s take my apartment.  In total, we probably have 9 electric outlets in our 5 rooms.  If you look  closely, there are extension cords EVERYWHERE.   No wonder we blow a fuse at least 1-2x a month. 

Now lets consider my way smaller scale size apartment with 6 floors in Hoboken versus a HUGE 20 floor apartment in NYC.  Personally, I’d be nervous living in such a huge building and relying on all  hundred-ish tenants to remember to turn things off.  One careless move and poof! There’s my home, all my belongings, and possibly my life. Gone like that.  No thanks.  The next place I’m living is a house. Preferably near the beach. Give me a flood over a fire anyday.

Any who, I continued to move along to work and attempted to figure out what to do. I tried to reassure myself with,

“You always unplug it. Why would today be any different?”,

which was quickly rebuttled by,

“But remember that one time when you and the Splenda Stealer were going out and you thought you didn’t unplug your hair straightener. THEN went back, AND it was in fact still on!!”

Knowing my nerves would get in the way and ruin the day, I decided to call the landlord.  Just so it happened,  he was in my building.  So, while I was left on hold,  he walked up to apartment 5, unlocked my door, and peaked into my room, to which he replied,

“Yup, it’s unplugged. Better safe than sorry.”

Phewww.  Well just to be safe, from now on, I’m not only going to sing to my iron, but actually put it away.  One extra minute of clean up will definitely save a day time of anxiety.


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