From Now On, ONLY Theme Parties

A few weekends back, my boy & his roommates had a…..drum roll please….

80’s Porn Star Party!

Fully equipped with low saucy lighting, a disco ball, 80’s music, & delicious spread of snacks.  AND no porn party would be complete without actual porn playing in the back round. Yes my friends, it was amazing & I strongly suggest that from now on ALL parties be themed. I mean, come on! After attending a fantastic theme party, how do you go to a normal one.

I don’t get to dress up? I just drink & socialize….no fair….

Here are some of my favorites & highlights….

The Boyfriendn8834968_44273265_27931

The Newlyweds ❤n8834968_44273276_59831

My friend The Splenda Stealern8834968_44273277_627911

Chiarina & In8834968_44273288_97181

Splenda, Justin (one of the other hosts) and one of their neighbors I believe….?n8834968_44273284_84441


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One response to “From Now On, ONLY Theme Parties

  1. Chia

    Yes!! I love it!! Only Theme parties from now on!!

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