A Street Cart Named Desire.

This is all I wanted yesterday at 2:00pm, my personal “getting tired and achy for a nap or a snack” time of the day.

I don’t care what people say or what I’ve heard about buying food on the street.  I LOVE street meat, whether it be falafel (omg so wonderful), halal chicken and rice, hot dogs, or the object of yesterday’s fancy: the big warm pretzel. MMM it’s something I often daydream about. Warm and soft, lightly sprinkled with salt. Ahhh

Being in Midtown I am at a huge advantage because our streets are covered with carts.  For our street dining pleasure, us Midtowners have the choice of:  fruit, warm sugary nuts, crepes (seriously) German sausage, the typical hot dog  & pretzel, pizza, and halal.  So I took off down the street after completeing a few errands and decided I deserved a big pretzel as a reward for a job well done.

Halal trucks and fruit were EVERYWHERE.  Each corner I turned there was yet another one.  Literally, in the area of 6 block and three Avenues….EIGHT….. count it:  EIGHT carts dedicated to falafel, gyros and chicken/lamb/beef and rice platters…which usually I wouldn’t complain about because I love them all dearly, but where oh where were my beloved carts that were once  so easy to find…?

So I stomped down one, two, three, four streets and then one, two across the street avenues and FINALLY, I found a pretzel man. At this point, I don’t think  I even wanted it anymore.  But like any good hunter, was happy to find my prey.

The pretzel turned out to be stale and most of it’s salt fell off.

I ate the entire thing anyway.


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  1. Chia

    I would eat it also..

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