Is Today A Holiday…?

The commute this morning was wonderfully quick and quiet. The streets were empty. Most people I know have off of work today. But, ahem, where am I this morning when I should be tucked away in bed….?


So I took a moment to google “National Holidays” and here are some of the highlights:

1/1/09: New Year’s Day …. check, got that one off

1/19/09: Martin Luther King Jr. Day….um no. I was here.

2/16/09: President’s Day…..No no, sitting here in an eerily quiet office.

5/25/09: Memorial Day…check

6.14.09: FLAG Day….HA right. If I don’t get President’s Day off, I sure as hell am not going to be getting some sort of mystery national holiday.  I haven’t even thought of Flag Day since I was a girl scout. We got to walk in a parade. Soo a highlight of 1992.

7/4/09: Fourth of July! Off and I would say one of my top three holidays!

10/12/09: Columbus Day… No no, remember we don’t celebrate personal achievements in this office.

11/11/09: Veteran’s Day…. See above.

What the hell! There are are some fine holidays I am missing out on due to my company’s idea of what holidays deserve to be celebrated psssh.

But….then I found out that apparently the “United States  does not have national holidays (i.e., days where all employees in the U.S. receive a day free from work and all business is halted). The Federal Gov’t can only recognize national holidays that pertain to its own employees; it is at the discretion of each state or local jurisdiction to determine official holiday schedules.

Ohhh New York, why do you do this to me?

Someone’s birthday I won’t have a chance to celebrate or reflect on being our first president.

Nope, not him either. But I mean what did he do anyway? JUST freed the slaves and brought our country back together.

Sorry boys, a girl’s gotta to work hard for the money.


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  1. L from Finland

    You have a nice blog=)

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