Edgy Bob 4.0

Finally after almost 4 months, I have had the opportunity to get my hair cut and you know what, I’m pretty satisfied with it.


I went to a different place than usual in the attempt to save some $$ and looking at this picture vs. a picture of an older bob that I really loved, they look very much the same! So take that you $70 haircut! I don’t need you!

It’s funny that in the past 7 months I have had my hair cut 4 times. Back when my hair was mermaid-ish and un-ruley,  I only had it cut maybe once or twice a year. And you know what, one of the only reasons I avoided getting it cut more frequently was I dreaded having to make small talk. Those are skills I lack and generally comes out all garbaldy goopy and awkward.  That’s also why I don’t like getting my nails done or anything involved with one on one customer service.  I’m not talking like the relationship between a waitress and patron because in that situation, you have more ground to cover.  Having been a waitress most of my life, I have zero problem with that.  I talk about the menu and my favorite items vs. the less desirable. Or perhaps the history of the establishment.   Hairdressers on the other hand, unless I’ve been going to them for years, make small talk about what I do and where I live.

Um I don’t like my job and sometimes can barely afford my rent.  (Followed by an awkward laugh).

So really, it has nothing to do with them, but morely it’s me not wanting to have to chat about my less desirable features.

My chickadee today was great, kept the small talk to a minimum, and the silence between us was comfortable. Only once in a while did she ask, “is this ok?” or mention, “it’s amazing what a little haircut will do for volume for your hair”.

This may be my last bob. I’m kinda itching for some curls again. We’ll see….



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2 responses to “Edgy Bob 4.0

  1. Tom

    great haircut :o)

  2. kristicu423


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