Yet Another Reason To Love NYC

Last night after work, I galloped off to the subway to attempt to make a 5:45 train.  I was on my way to Glen Ridge to meet the new boyfriend’s family (side note: it was a blast. Nothing is better than meeting someone’s wonderful family  and having a fantastic meal).  

Anyway, it is easy to drift off into a daze when the day is nothing out of the ordinary. Thanks to our friend NYC, it constantly keeps us guessing and wondering what is going to happen next.

SO I stepped onto the surprisingly non-crowded subway (which was a dime a dozen because it was 5:00ish when EVERYONE is trying to get home and when is there not a crowd in the city?).  One, two,  and then three stops went by in silence.  Right before my stop to Penn Station, guess who walked onto my car…?

A Mariachi Band!!!

As soon as the subway started to move, they began to sing and energetically play and I did the first thing that popped into my head:  laugh and smile completely without restrain.  Who knew how happy mariachi music makes me?  I suddenly ached for spare dollars to give and applauded them for their mood lifting powers.  Alas, being on the border of poverty, I hoped my enthusiasm was gift enough.

Too bad the next stop was Penn Station.  I continued to smile as I trotted off to NJ Transit…. UNTIL a herd of slow walkers got in front of me and robbed  my smile and replaced it with a grimace. Well you can’t be happy all the time, BUT it definitely lifted my spirit after a long dry day at the office.


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