Sweet & Sour Magic

Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with Sour Patch Kids? If there was a support group, people who care for me could very well stage an intervention and encourage me to get the help I need. Seriously, this very moment I have begun to fantasy about them and my disease is calling within to run off to Duane Reade and buy a bag..or 10. I’m attempting to resist (I think I’m feeling strong today) but usually, the sour patch kids win.

Just to give you an idea of how serious I am:

(The scene: chatting away the day with my friend Geraldine)

me:  I need chapstick and sour kids. make it happen
Geraldine:  Sorry, but I’ve eat all sour kids that come my way
me:  RAR Couldn’t save my like 100? I’m not asking for much.  Just sweet and sour magic
Geraldine:  I just can’t help myself.  I murder them every time I see them
I’m like the zodiac killer for sour patch children role playing eating them
me: I prefer to take them back very ala Hanibal Lector. Or I just kidnap them and slowly torture them to death.

I have officially gone off the deep end. Off to Duane Reade!  Or maybe I’ll just get my jaw wired shut…


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One response to “Sweet & Sour Magic

  1. emsilees09

    Remember when we were at the movies, and they didn’t have Sour Patch Kids, but, gasp, Sour Jacks, wrapped in packaging with the creepy, older face of Jack? We wearily bought them anyway. A few Jacks in, we realized that they weren’t as soft as the Kids–a little too chewy. We summed it up to Jack’s middle age.

    Lesson learned.

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