I Give A Big Boohoo To You Winter.

Yes my friends, as mentioned in the past, I am NOT a fan of the snow or Winter. Unfortunately, this Winter is turning out to be a real one…meaning, unlike Winters of the past, it is actually doing what it’s supposed to do. Like be miserably cold, dark & bleak, and snow everyday. I’ve decided today to try to find the good in this season.  Perhaps if I see the positive could actually grow to love, well that’s a lie. How about tolerate it…..?

  1. When it snows so bad, you are forced to stay indoors. About four years ago, my friend Chiarina & I lived in Boston to go to school. We lasted about a hot 12 months, in which time we discovered New England was NOT for us. Anyway,   just so happened  it was also the year the Red Sox won the World Series (absolute pandemonium), John Kerry lost the election (boo), & the winter broke record numbers for snow. As in it snowed EVERY SINGLE DAY. It got so bad in fact that school got cancelled quite frequently and we were forced (poor girls) to stay home nice and toasty, warmed by the glow of our television. When we got cabin fever, would bundle up and take a walk in search of the most comforting food we could find.
  2. Snow makes everyone freak out and is an EXCELLENT excuse for anything going wrong.  I left my home this morning to go fight the fierce winds and snow (they won by the way) with the thought that, “meh I’m not showering. Its snowing! Who looks good in the snow”??   “I’m taking my time, it’s snowing! No one is going to be there exactly at 9”!!  “I’m wearing this inappropriately puffed coat to work, though it’s not officey because…it’s snowing! I choose warmth and safety over looking professional”.   Snow gives you many get out of jail free cards and I think that’s great.
  3. Snow has that ability to quiet the world. I love right after it snows very hard when everything is so quiet and the only thing you hear is snow falling in the distance and the breeze.  Living in a noisy world is overwhelming.  It’s nice to have the chance to stop and sit in complete silence.  That being said, can I mention that snow in NYC is a waste…Walking to work today, I couldn’t help but feel the snow got violated by the city that refuses to stop.  But this is one thing we love about New York.  That it doesn’t stop for anyone.  I can’t tell you how I wished I could be sitting in my warm apartment in Hoboken though, sipping a cup of tea and looking out our back window enjoying the view of a winter wonderland.
  4. Snow and cold days give you the need to snuggle up with someone. Oh how I adore snuggling with my boy. And a good snuggle is way more needed in the winter than in the summer.
  5. Oh boy do I love mittens.
  6. Nothing tastes as good as real hot chocolate after being out in the cold all day.

Well that’s it. That’s all I got. And no that didn’t help. No matter how fine and good things can be, NOTHING compares to sweet wonderful summer. Only…UGH….4 months to go.


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One response to “I Give A Big Boohoo To You Winter.

  1. emsilees09

    I’ve been shaking my fist at winter all day so far. This list has calmed me some.

    One more, that I may add:

    7. Snow allows us to indulge a little. I say to myself, “You were a good girl today! You had to battle the elements and you won! Treat yourself, on me.” I feel the need to pamper myself with chocolate or cookies.

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