Broadway Scraps

Back in September, my beloved Rent closed on Broadway and I watched with a mix of horror and sadness as the theatre was mutilated, stripped away of any memory to what had happened in there over the past 12 years.  

Being a complete Rent nerd, if I had my way they would have turned the theatre into a Rent museum. How do you compete with a musical of that magnitude?  But that’s the beauty of NYC.  The circle of life that turn buildings over and over again and makes them new. It’s fun to look around and see the growth and change of each establishment.

ANYWAY. I’ve been keeping a close eye on who would be making their new theatrical home on 41st btwn. 8th & 7th…..I was hoping for something else that I really enjoy  like Godspell or Aida… Alas, guess who is back in town….


Bleh. Seriously? Why do they even bother with all these crappy revivals? While it is important to remember and respect the older musicals, they are outdated!And people wonder why Broadway is doing so poorly…



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2 responses to “Broadway Scraps

  1. Vanessa

    Didn’t u know…we are the generation of the remakes!

  2. Courtney

    OK – let’s go to Rent Feb 15th! Let me know, I will buy the tickets!

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