Dear Patrick Swayze,

I noticed that you are now starring in a new TV show on A&E, “The Beast”, about an FBI agent blah blah blah. Doesn’t running around, shooting people, and possible sex scenes usually go hand in hand with those kind of shows? Don’t you have pancreatic cancer, the deadliest of the cancers!?

I was walking home from work yesterday and couldn’t help but notice a HUGE poster draping the building on the corner of 42nd and eighth. There was Patrick Swayze, holding a gun looking all tough.  I couldn’t help but wonder if all that physical activity could be harmful to his treatment..I mean I’m sure he checked with a doctor first, but you know what would be the last thing I’d do if I was undergoing chemo treatment? Thats right, I sure as hell wouldn’t be running around and shooting people on what is probably a crappy and non-watched show on A&E.  I’d be spending my time with family and friends, knowing those times were important because….UM I only had about 1-2 years ahead.

Oh Patrick Swayze, I wouldn’t say I’m a fan at all. In fact, unlike so many others, I found you revolting and sweaty in both “Dirty Dancing” & “Ghost”.  But I don’t want you to die!  So go lay down and let your family take care of you! Or if you need to act, make a cameo on “How I Met Your Mother” or “Law & Order SVU”….come on.


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  1. Chia

    I maybe wrong so don’t quote me but i think he is cured!

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