One More Note On The Pope…

Apparently our friend the Pope has been speaking his mind QUITE a bit this week because just a minute or two ago, my friend Mhern mentioned that she heard a little tidbit about him today as well…

Mary:  nice pope blog
i was listening to the radio this morning
and apparently the pope released a statement about facebook
 me:  ha god saying what?
 Mary:  something about facebook is ok
as long as it doesn’t lead to isolation

I guarantee he has NO idea what Facebook Or Myspace are anyway.  It would be like my Granny giving her opinion on whether or not I should get a Blackberry or Iphone.  I’ll listen to him when it comes to Catholicism and Rome. And regardless, he’s on Facebook too! I’m sure he personally hasn’t bothered with it, BUT now I know where to go whenever I am confused to how he feels about different issues.

Mary:  well apparently whatever the pope says goes
 me:  yes, agreed


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