Ladies & Gentlemen, The Pope.

Having grown up in the Lutheran Church and now solely being a spirtual person, I know very little about the role of the Pope. Actually I don’t think I knew he existed until a few years ago when all my Catholic friends were getting excited about his visit to NYC.  Or it could have been when the last one died, causing a worldwide frenzy on who would be the next.

The last Pope,  John Paul II, to me anyway, looked like a vessel of spirituality and almost a grandfather figure. I would definitely have taken the opportunity to meet him if given the chance.  Pope Benedict on the otherhand, correct me if I’m wrong, has done quite a bit of questionable things and well…looks a little scary.

So like any other morning, I read the news on while eating oatmeal and sipping some coffee. Guess what was one of the big stories today??

“Pope Outrages Jews Over Holocaust Denier”

Allegedly, the Pope decided to welcome back a British bishop who refuses to believe and acknowledge that Jewish people were killed in Nazi gas chambers. 

The story continued to include the specifics to what this Brit believed, including that the murder of 6 million Jewish people was not under Hitler’s policy and there were NO gas chambers….

“Rabbi David Rosen of the American Jewish Committee called the move by the Roman Catholic Church ‘shameful.’ and By ‘welcoming an open holocaust denier into the Catholic Church without any recantation on his part, the Vatican has made a mockery of John Paul II’s moving and impressive repudiation and condemnation of anti-Semitism,’ he said.”

WHOA WHOA WHOA. I am so confused. First of all, if you are the head of a church and love Jesus and God etc., shouldn’t the main objective ALWAYS to be a good Christian….shouldn’t peace and co-existing with your fellow man fall somewhere in here? OBVIOUSLY this British Bishop is not doing well  and is totally disrespecting a population of people who were beaten and broken down not even a hundred years ago. Whether you like it or not, it HAPPENED. Be compassionate.

This is almost mind-boggling for me to grasp. Without even considering spirtuality for a minute, why would the Pope welcome the Brit back?  By making this gesture, he is slapping the Jewish population in the face.  John Paul II apologized, giving the respect and now Benedict is taking it back.  How?  Why? 

Yes my friends, this is YET another reason why I don’t belong to a church or follow a particular religion. I am not hating on anyone who is though.  We are all different and find our relationship with the preferred higher power (if any) in different ways. To me, being spirtiual is way easier.  It gives you the chance to learn and take the good from various sources and the freedom to think outside the box. 


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  1. Chia

    Hey! I remember when he was made Pope this was a big story also. He use to believe the same thing I think!!! I mean I would love to hear his side of the story or anyone’s side that thinks the holocast was not for real. I mean I think that’s nuts but I want to know why they think that!

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