Smitten Little Kittens…The Regina Spektor Edition

Last night my brother & I went down to the Bowery Ballroom to go see Regina Spektor, an INSANE singer, piano player, song writer… and sigh… a sweet wonderful Russian.


She rarely performs in public and that makes me angry. Angry in the selfish sense because I’d so want to see her again.  Who knows what she is up to the rest of the year, but I’d like to thank the event she felt so strongly about that inspired to play for us in NYC : Planned Parenthood and the celebration of it being 36 years since Roe vs. Wade passed. How crazy is that? You couldn’t help but feel the unity of women when they spoke about how far we have come and it is more important than ever to take care of each other and our bodies.  You know, I’m not all feministy, but man, anyone who is out there actively protecting my personal choices when it comes to my body….well, just want to say thanks 🙂

I was greatly confused though…where were all the catholics and pro-life people who hate Planned Parenthood with a burning passion? I’m sure the anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade is an annual stab in the chest for them. But sure enough, the night went by with peace and celebration….for the most part (I’ll get to that in a bit).

Anyway, let’s talk about the show….What can I say? It was phenomenal. Regina has this ability to bring a smile and a sigh to each and every person in the audience. What a gift. It was a wonderful feeling to look around and see one adoring face after another, every so often gasping an, “OMG I LOVE HER”,  followed by an embrace to the person to their left.

While my brother shook his head in musical disbelief muttering, “I love you. How can anyone be that cute?”, I had the joy of being stuck next to the very worst kind of couple – the giggly gay musical theatre guy and his drunk girl best friend. Regina’s music is so interesting and specific that when listened to,you must be absolutely quiet.  Half the time I had my eyes closed to saturate it all in. WELL. Hurray for the couple to my right. They knew EVERY single word, so felt compelled to sing. in. my. ear. While I had Regina in front of singing like an angel, I had the surround sound to my right singing along in a weird high quiver.  Then they accompanied the singing with obnoxiously loud laughter, dancing, screaming out stupid things during songs, and an overall attempt to destroy the experience for everyone else.  Then the crowd drama began.  These two chicks in front of me were just as annoyed so asked the annoying girl if she could please keep it down. Of course, in turn,  annoying girl laughed it up with her giggly bf, whom every now and again would yell, “Omg Sara, your so loud, you better keep it down!”  Then the girl would peer over and evil glare the silencers. Ahh it was hilarious.

Moral of the story: 

  1. Go check out Regina’s music. It is indescribably heartbreaking.
  2. When your in a crowd of people at the show of someone who NEVER plays in public, remember you are NOT the entertainment. I didn’t go to see the duo. I came for her and don’t need to hear the karaoke version.
  3. Eat before you go to one of these things.  Though the vodka and sodas did help to hold us over for a bit, we were fairly catatonic on the way home and basically whithering away to nothing.



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