The Universe Likes It When I Read.

Due to these troubling economic times, I have been trying to figure out small ways to save money, but continue to live well. I figured a really good one for me would be,

Do NOT buy anymore books until you read those you own left unread.

It’s a nice idea in theory.  Realistically, these b-listed books have been not read for a reason. I caroused through my bookshelves a few weeks ago and shuddered at the sight of what would be a family of annoying books to get through. Sigh…all I wanted to do was read Twilight….

Being considered the NEXT HARRY POTTER, (which I seriously doubt. There is only one and only Harry Potter. My beloved. My One True Love.) so obviously I was intrigued. I love books in series and definitely love vampires, so added the entire series to my Christmas wish list.

Alas no Twilight, so I consoled myself with, “oh well,  you will read them someday.  For the time being just get through all the scrap books…..”

And as wonderful as the universe is, guess what it brought…My friend Megan! She must have read a blog a while ago where I mentioned how I wanted to read them, so poof! What did my love do for me?


Just another example of how life wants to give you everything you need as long as your open 🙂



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3 responses to “The Universe Likes It When I Read.

  1. Wow, yeah, I feel you. I really should only buy books after I’ve read all the other ones I have but… it’s just so hard.

  2. Courtney

    Dude…I just finished the first book today and I love it!! Don’t think it compares to HP but you will still enjoy it!!

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