Suspicious Tourists: The Tuesday Edition

Last night after work, I decided to take a stroll to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to buy a new garment rack because my old one decided it was too weak and plunged to it’s death.

I went to the BB&B up near Lincoln Center, so it gave me a chance to go through Central Park and get some nature time in. I expected oodles of noodles of tourists, but was happily surprised that there weren’t too many around.

Then I got stuck behind two men with a stroller.  And apparently in their country had no knowledge of nice sidewalk etiquette. I get that you have a child and are completely obsessed with it, but WHAT ABOUT ME? One of them had a map out while the other swayed back and forth with the stroller across the pavement making it impossible to maneuver around unless I physically pushed them. Which I was tempted to. But didn’t.


Because I was walking so slowly, figured I should take a picture.  It’s hard to see, but you get the idea. Anyway, As I crawled behind them, I couldn’t help but notice no sign of a baby…..I shimmied on the side of them to try to peer in to get a better look.

And guess who the baby was. One of those American girl dolls.

Being that this is NYC, land of the Characters & The Crazies, I have come up with a couple ideas:

  • They love American Girl so much that they treat their doll like a normal human being who deserves it’s own stroller. That or the doll costs so much it needs to be protected. Or maybe they are delusional and think the doll is actually alive.
  • They always wanted an American Girl doll, so traded their child for one.
  • They were babysitting, lost the child, so threw the doll in it’s place hoping no one would notice.

Fine. In actuality, the mom probably took it somewhere and left the men to tend to the stroller and thousands of shopping bags they were hauling about. As a reminder. If you have no idea where you are going, can you please not dominate the entire sidewalk? It is winter and surprise surprise some of us even know where we are going.

Thanks 🙂



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3 responses to “Suspicious Tourists: The Tuesday Edition

  1. Vanessa

    OMG that is just too funny! Ever considered them practicing parenthood? LOL

  2. Courtney

    you called the kid “it” hahahahaha

  3. Chia

    omg that is so so so weird!

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