Jobs To Consider – Episode 1

I woke up this morning from an amazing night sleep and bolted up when I realized, “hey! It was supposed to snow last night! Maybe there is SO much that I get the day off of work!”

I scampered over to the window and sure enough, the earth was blanketed with a layer of powder. And it was still snowing! There MUST be a snow day! I called our emergency weather hotline and oh…work is scheduled for normal hours.


Later as I walked to the bus stop with a 15 pound bag of  “getting ready for wedding supplies” (did I tell you my friend Chiarina is getting married this weekend? I’m the Maid of Honor!), the everyday work bag, and layer upon layer of whatever would guard me from the snow and cold, I began to think, “If I was a teacher, I’d totally be in bed still.”                                              Over the course of my “going to college, I should probably have a career goal in mind” time frame, I considered focusing on education.  First, it was music. That was vetoed later, due to the fact that I’d most definitely  become resentful towards my students who were going out and making it big, while I was just the teacher who never did. Presently, when thoughts of educating dance in my head, I lean towards Literature, English, or Creative Writing perhaps. Oh how I do adore reading and writing. What would be better than sharing that joy and inspiring  enthusiasm?

I’m guessing educators begin their careers romanticizing education as the building blocks of life…. which they are.   After a year or so of teaching the masses, I’m sure reality strikes and you realize most of the students  don’t want to be there and don’t care, sad to say.  I sure as hell wasn’t interested in anything my teachers had to say back in middle school. After 20 or so years, I think it probably becomes tedious, teaching and teaching the same stuff over and over again, answering the same questions, showing the same examples, and so on. It must go on auto-pilot after a while.

You know what would keep me going back as a teacher, year after year? Working til 3:00 everyday, snow days, all sorts of random holidays off,  and having the entire summer FREE. I would die. Seriously? What was I thinking? I’m going to be a teacher.

Now there’s one small problem I should probably mention. In general, I don’t like children and really don’t enjoy talking to them. I would most definitely play favorites, embracing the bright ones and ignoring the slow, and would have zero patience.

So what to do…what to do? Perhaps I’ll get my MFA and be a professor! That’s it! Older kids, who are genuinely interested in the subject at hand and we can just sit around, talk about books, do fun writing exercises, and dig deep. That would be a fantasy. And definitely something to think about…


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  1. Teaching is a great job! But you’re right. You have to have the right personality (and endless amounts of patience). If you end up seriously considering it (well…teaching kids in public school anyway), you can ask me anything. And thanks for stopping by my blog!

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