Hitch Hiking Home To Hoboken

Commuting to NYC and back to Hoboken on the bus are two very different things. In the morning, people are more into their space and will wait a few minutes for the next bus to get a seat.  The atmosphere is quiet, dimly lit, and a great time to rest your eyes, read a magazine, or check your emails.

The ride home on the other hand is complete chaos and a race to see who can get home the fastest. That means that every single bus is packed as tight as possible and you get to know your neighbors to both sides really well. Whether you like it or not.

Wednesday, like any other crowded day, I found myself unintentionally spooning the lady to my left. She was wearing the softest coat however, so it could have been worse.  Because we were so close, I had no choice but to peer over her shoulder and look at what she was doing.  She was going through all her pictures on her iphone, which happened to have been all of her baby. 

I think I come off as a baby grinch. And I’m not.  I actually like babies.  The thing that bothers me is the noise and grossness that goes a long with them and the attitude that some parents have when they let their children get away with everything with the excuse, “oh haha….sorry, he’s just a baby…” I know. I understand he or she is young.  But it doesn’t mean I should be punished for it.

My lady bus spooner’s baby was absolutely adorable and the first five pictures or so were of him smiling and playing around. The rest of them on the other hand kinda made me do a double take.

There was picture after picture of her baby’s face zoomed in COVERED with what it appeared to have been oatmeal? Do babies eat oatmeal? Or the easiest choice: brown mushy baby food.

At any rate, she found great cheer in seeing her child, smiling away covered in his dinner. It instantly made me think of “The Christmas Story” when the only way Ralphie’s mom could get his younger brother toeat dinner was to show her how a little piggy ate.  She found it hilarious, while Ralphie and his dad rolled their eyes.  Maybe it’s only the moms who find this endearing.

When does it become disturbing and disgusting for parents to see their children covered in food? I’m thinking the cut off age is about 9. Once you hit double digits, you should be eating meals like a normal human being….perhaps we should do an experiment: I’ll send my mom a picture of my face zoomed smiling away and covered in birthday cake. I’m pretty sure she would bask in the glow of her adorable child (me) enjoying her dessert. Right…More likely she would call and ask if I lost my mind. Which I suppose would be fairly accurate…



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2 responses to “Hitch Hiking Home To Hoboken

  1. mondavi

    hey kristine…

    i like ur writing, came across your blog researching the bus from hoboken to PA and if i live at near 14th street will it be too crowded to get on?? any experience is helpful…

    but after reading more entries i see you are from middletown as well… i actually just am getting done with one of those soul searching travel experiences myself and heading back to NJ… just do it… you won’t regret it, although it wont be all dreamy as you imagine and in the end you will probably wish you did somethings different… but never regretting just doing it…

    good luck…

  2. kristicu423

    Hi, thanks so much for reading!
    So you are living on 14th now in Hoboken or are planning to live there? I would say definitely take the bus in. Sometimes it gets crowded down at that stop, but it’s not too bad because the ride is only 15 minutes or so. And especially in the morning, there is bus after bus going into the city.

    I am soooo excited to go away. I am soo looking forward to having a different view of the world and just get some good life experience in.

    Hope this helps!

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