City Fashion No-No



I can’t help but smirk when I see  power business women high speeding it around the city in their suits and sneakers.  I feel a women looks beautiful and fierce in a suit. A pair of sneaks teamed up with tights ruins it. I refuse to join this horrid trend.

But. wait Kristine, who’s foot is in the picture above?…those seem to look very similar to your Saucony’s…

Oh damnit your right. Friday after work, I was heading home for the weekend.  It was brutally cold and the idea of scattering around the city in ballet flats was not my idea of fun.  I looked around and guess who was sitting underneath my desk? Sneakers! So I threw them on, said “psh whatever… I’m much happier being warm than being attractive” to myself, and skipped down the street to the subway.

Now I get it. These women are not going for looks. They are being practical and running around the city in sneaks is way easier than in heels. ESPECIALLY in the winter when everything is slippery and slidy. It’s just a reminder that you should never be too quick to judge before walking along in someone else’s sneakers.


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