Basement Scraps

Over the past couple years, my parents have been renovating the house.  I feel it’s typical for couples to take the opportunity and give their home a face lift when the kids move out. In just a few years, the house was re-sided, both bathrooms renovated, and now the basement is getting finished up and kitchen is about to begin.

I think the funnest is the basement because it gives you a chance to go through and reunite with items that have either been long forgotten or sentimental from your childhood.  These are the things that you can’t bare to throw away, but don’t make the cut when you move out on your own. I don’t have a real closet. Where on earth would I put the cradle my grandpa made for me? I’m sure my roommates don’t want this in our already filled to the rims hallway storage.

My Dad was painting one of the closet and brought up a whole pile of things for us to go through to decide what was staying and what was being thrown out. Sure enough, they were mostly things of mine that I haven’t seen in a while.  This includes a random Asian hat that my Granny wore in some fashion show way back when, which I brought back to Hoboken and promptly hung up on my fireplace mantel, some old china, &….

                              My Care Bear Suitcase!                         carebears1

How great? This was my travel bag forever when I was spending weeks or long weekends with my Granny and Grandpa.

I’m not a pack rat. In fact, I really love throwing things away. But there is a small category of items that I can’t part with and this is one of them. It must have something to do with the memories that circle my suitcase.  This was what I packed all my prized possessions in when I threatened my parents at age three that I was going to run away. Allegedly, I put on a party dress (pretty typical), packed my bag, and ran down the street. I’m assuming I got tired, had no plan, so turned around hoping my reunion would be a huge cause for celebration.  Also, it immediately brings back the joy and excitement of getting ready to head to my Granny & Grandpa’s for a week full of love, attention, and yum comfort food.

I think it drives my mom crazy to have some of these things around because she too loves throwing stuff away and honestly, there will never be a time in my life where I’ll need to use this again. Sometimes, though, you got to hang onto those memories that shaped your childhood and your life. 

So I cheered at the sight of the suitcase, dusted it off, and told my  parents to put it back in the basement where it belongs.



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8 responses to “Basement Scraps

  1. Hey Kristine,

    I so agree with what you did. I have a care bear goody stashed away. Sure, I’m all grown up. But, How can one resist a travel case like that! Care bears, too! 🙂

    ~ Reverie

  2. kristicu423

    OH that is too funny! It must have been a huge seller back in the early 80’s. Love it!

  3. Bear Bare

    > … things that you can’t bare to throw away …


    things that you can’t bear to throw away.

  4. kristicu423

    Ha thanks. Didn’t catch that one..

  5. Courtney


  6. Good work! Thank you very much!
    I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?
    Of course, I will add backlink?

    Regards, Timur I.

  7. kristicu423

    Sure Timur!

  8. Your site displays incorrectly in Explorer, but content excellent! Thanks for your wise words =)

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