We’re Breaking Up.

I’m sorry Myspace, but I’m over you.  You have shown no growth or excitement. And if you have, it was only because my current bf, Facebook, gave you the idea. Your stale and  our relationship is exactly the same since I started seeing you 4 years ago.

And you don’t even know me. Just today you told me that I may know Erin, who is 13 and lives in New Jersey. What? You think I hang around 13 year olds? That just because NJ is small I should know everyone? Well, just to inform you, not only is the state the highest populated per square foot in the country, but there are towns I still have never heard of.  So there.

 Consider us no longer involved

I’m sorry


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  1. i broke up with myspace a really long time ago. It took long enough, no?

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