The Musical Uni-Bomber Returns!

Guess what Theatre Mania just told me? CHRISTINE EBERSOLE is returning to Broadway! Wooohoo!

Wait who is she? Blah blah won a Tony. You may remember her from the movie  “My Girl 2”. Usually news that particular Broadway actors and actresses are returning to the stage don’t excite me (unless they are original cast members from Rent) But for her, I have to make an exception.

For a complete reminder, follow the link above to my old blog.  To briefly summarize: My friend Mhern works for a publisher, so I met up with her and a few of her co-workers for an event they were holding for the release of a new book about the composer who wrote Bye Bye Birdie. While all the co-workers mingled here and there with publishing people, some random crazy girl approached me and among other things, let me know her and Christine Ebersole were tight and she brought her some copies of a review from a performance she did fairly recently. Apparently Christine Ebersole NEEDED THEM.   But alas, Christine’s security guards were onto this pychopath because OBVIOUSLY this crazy chick wanted more than to just give her some newspapers. 

Seeing that Christine will be back in NYC a bit, I can’t help but immediately think, oh my god, she better get some more security guards because you KNOW weirdo uni-bomber girl is going to go after her.


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