Third Hand Smoke

At least once a day, I spy with my little eye some sort of Asian sporting a mask.  Not a woolen “brr it’s cold and windy and I’m protecting my face kind”, but a “oh NYC. You horror of pollution. Take that! I’m wearing a mask and will block all your toxic ways” mask.

Usually when I see these people, I smirk on the inside because….come on, stop being so anal. What is one little mask going to do to prevent you from all the horrors of germs, toxins in the air, and so on.  You’re in NYC, good luck and deal with it.

This mornings news…. kind of changed my point of view.  While getting ready for work, I was 1/2 listening 1/2 watching the Today Show and had the joy to hear about a new fear to the non-smoker.


Really? Second hand was worse enough, now I have to worry about Third? Should I just throw in the towel and become a smoker because obviously it doesn’t matter… No matter how hard I try, my lungs will still be affected regardless.

So maybe the Asians are onto something. Perhaps I should start wearing city masks too…



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2 responses to “Third Hand Smoke

  1. kiteless

    I could be wrong about this but I was under the impression that asians wore those masks when they were sick as to not contaminate other people with their diseases. Could be the other way though. I’m sure midtown is like the rocky mountains compared to Beijing as far as air quality goes though.

  2. kristicu423

    No you’re right. I just googled and learned once again that before making statements, I probably should make sure they’re actually correct.

    In fact, it seems that they are wearing the masks as to be courteous so others won’t catch their ailments.

    Now I just feel bad. Thank you mask wearers!

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