Rice & Me

One day, I would say a week or so before Christmas, I had the wonderful fortune to have lunch (YUM Thai!) with two of my superiors and co-assistants. Somehow or another, the conversation lead to cooking, and being the complete foody, chatty chatted non-stop about my favorite foods, recipes, and appliance.  Seriously? How interesting am I?

What is my favorite appliance you ask? Oh of course. My Rice Steamer! No matter what kind of rice it is, the final product is perfection.  And I told my co-workers this. How I adore rice. I eat it almost everyday. How I worked in a Thai restaurant and am inspired by their cooking styles and ingredients. Seriously. It was a little too much. What? Was I drunk? Or have lost all social skills? No no, I think it was just the combination of a free meal and my love for cooking…

So, one of the women who I was with came over to my desk this morning with a little belated Christmas gift.


“I know how much you love rice. I saw this and knew I had to get it for you!”


Ha. It’s a rice steamer! I’m so happy that I inspire appliances. Very thoughtful because…yes, I do love rice.



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3 responses to “Rice & Me

  1. I’m asian, rice is like a drug. If I don’t get any for a long time, I get withdrawal symptoms. Unfortuantely, I can’t find a rice cooker anywhere. Wah!

  2. kristicu423

    OMG I’d die. I got mine at Target. Go to their website and order it online!

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