For The Love Of A Cat

A few years ago, I was seeing this guy. Well,  I wouldn’t even say dating because that would be a stretch.  It was summer. I was a waitress and went out a lot. He was a fun ball of sunshine and was always up to go out for a drink. He was so much fun in fact, his nickname to my friends & I was “Divertido Tom” (Fun Tom).  It was the weekend where The Downtown in Redbank had a lot going on,  celebrating their last hurrahs before the closing due to renovations, and OH MAN it was an intense night.  I couldn’t make it home and crashed at his place.

I awoke to a very peculiar scene.  I got out of bed and walked into the kitchen to find him cradling his cat and smiling, saying in a baby voice, “goood morning Smokey! How would you like to have some breakfast?’

In general, guys who have cats freak me out. I don’t know why. I think, on a whole, any form of baby talk or overly snuggling anything nauseates me.  Throw a cat into the mix and it  makes it even worse. But why is it that guys with dogs isn’t bad at all?  It makes you wonder why there is such a stigma with cats. Personally, I really like cats.  I hope to have one of my own someday. Then I think of the correlation with cats and single girls. Why? Why is there the crazy cat lady? If I had 3 dogs, I would just be perceived as someone who likes dogs. Three cats? Oh no no, a red flag would be waved in the air, letting people know I’ll be single forever.

Getting back to guys with cats: It’s funny. My friend Greg has two cats and it not creepy at all. It must be that while he loves his cats, doesn’t bring them up in most conversations.

For example. This past week has been a blur due to days off from work, too many cocktails, and New Years Eve.  Monday night, after a painfully long and boring day at work, my roommate and I went out for a couple drinks. I met this really nice guy.  Cute, kinda quirky, and had a lot of good conversation.  At some point he mentioned he had a cat and I went into an immediate monologue about how guys with cats scare me (all in a very joking manner) and he handled it very well.  Always a good sign when people are able to take jokes like that with stride.  It shows that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. I left with feelings of, “it would be nice to hangout with him again.” 

THEN the texts started to appear. Now before I begin, in all fairness, they weren’t one after another and I was responding to each.  So it wasn’t like he was being a crazy and sending text after text….  

“So are you going out tonight or are you keeping it mellow? BTW my cat broke up with me.”

“So are we like ever going to hangout again? I had to break up with these three girlfriends and a cat because of you. How was your new years?”

“Cool, we should def meet up because my cat won’t spoon with me anymore (jk)”

Ok. We get it. You really love your cat. It was pseudo funny the first time.  After text two or three, I had enough.  Either he has nothing else to talk about or REALLY is going through a painful break-up with his cat. I don’t know which is worse…


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