Ghosts Of Christmas Past

Ghosts Of Christmas Past; sometimes referred to as simply Ghosts: People from your past or somewhat present, whom you’ve had relations with, ranging from casual encounters to more significant, who you really don’t speak to all that much anymore, but still feel the need to get in touch with you over the holidays – to say hello, wish you well, or get together.  Generally, there is alcohol involved.

Without fail, every holiday weekend, whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, or July 4th, I get a slew of Ghosts checking in.  Anyone else have this happen to them?  It couldn’t just be me.  Personally, I look forward to getting contacted by the spirits.  It gives the holiday an element of surprise. You never know who you may find yourself catching up with. 

In my case, it MUST have something to do with not being home down the shore anymore. People probably think  of me and know I’ll be around, so figure may as well check in and see if I’m out and about. Here are a few catergories of ghosts that usually call upon me:

(A) Someone who I dated, from years ago to fairly recently.  Generally, this is an endearing message and the person wants nothing more than to let me know they are wishing me well during the holiday season. 

(B) The person who I went out with once or twice, but due to bad timing or whatever, things weren’t able to move along.  I got a text on Xmas Eve and it was a wonderful surprise because this particular person was one I’ve wanted to see lately.  That worked out really well and spiced up my Christmas….giggle.

Last but not least, my favorite….

(C) The horror of a human being.  Way back when, I would roughly 5 years ago or so, I dated this guy and we had fun for a while.  Things ended, no hard feelings. Anyway, I ran into him during the summer and it was great to catch up and see how nice his life had turned out. Or so I thought…. The following night I got a phone call concerning an odd proposition: “Even though I have a girlfriend, whom I’ll probably marry, ever since I saw you, can’t get you out of my head….Maybe when your home in the area, we can have some sort of sexual relationship…”

“Um no, no thanks, I REALLY don’t need that in my life, ” I said/shouted angrily and hung up immediately after. Seriously, what is wrong with some guys? Are they all like that or just the ones that are attracted to me?

Anywho, sure enough I got a text about a week before Christmas asking if I was in the area. Um no. No I’m not. Then the night before Christmas Eve,  I was bombarded with texts and about four calls. I almost wanted to ask – Where or where is your girlfriend you horror of a human being???

Poor girl, she was probably all excited to spend Christmas with her possible future husband. All the while, he was out and about drunk, I’m assuming, crazily attempting to get in touch with me?  REAL nice. In cases like these, the ghost in question does NOT get a phone call or text back. No no no.

And yes, I had the joy of all three this holiday season.



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4 responses to “Ghosts Of Christmas Past

  1. HOLY CRAP! Seriously? I would say tell the girlfriend cos that is downright sleezy.

  2. kristicu423

    OH If I knew who she was, I definitely would have to say something!

  3. HMMM!! Some things never change do they?

  4. Vanessa Nessa

    Another case of “Bad Bad Boyfriend”

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