Fur Shhhmur

Winter is here in full affect and with that, comes all the fantastic cold weather necessities.  Look out the window right now and you’ll see people topped off with hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, ear muffs, and so on. I don’t know if it’s always been this way, but I have noticed ALOT of people sporting full length HUGE fur coats…..with matching fur hats. Um. We are in NYC here.  Isn’t wearing fur taboo? Where’s PETA with their spray paint when you need them?  Maybe I should send them an anonymous tip to canvass Midtown, particularly Fifth & Madison Avenue.

I began to think about fur coats. I don’t know much about them. Realistically, why would I?  So like any good little Curious George, I googled fur coats and wow.  Did you know that:

  • More than 40 million animals are killed worldwide each year for their fur.
  • Felt is made out of beaver hair!
  • That while there is the alternative “faux fur”, which is completely animal fur free (hurray!)  is NOT renewable or biodegradable. I don’t know which is worse.
  •  Up until 2000, the export and import of dog & cat fur was legal in theUS.  Which means that if you’re wearing any type of vintage coat, it could very well be a dog!

Ok  this is all very haunting,  so of course I ventured on to fur related news. I came to this.


The article discussed protests in Italy over coats being lined with cat & dog fur.   ” The US organisation estimates that about two million dogs and cats are slaughtered in Asia each year and used in the clothing industry.”

Ok, ewww.  Being a person who grew up in a home with dogs and cats, I could not fathom wearing a domesticated pet.  Or for that manner, any animal.  Though I will confess to owning leather boots. BUT fur. As in an animal’s coat. Their skin. Way too much.

Sure, the fur coat is  super warm,  but with all the negative press that surround them, I would feel bad even considering a purchase an option. Picture the scene:  Off I’d go, parading down the street in my foot length fox and chinchilla coat, perhaps with the matching baby otter hat and squirrel scarf (with his little head on of course).  I’d always be on watch,  expecting at any time, a protester to pop out of nowhere to pour paint all over me!  Who needs the extra stress? NYC is scary enough with robbers, murders, and pick pockets.


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