The Return Of The Cupcake

I remember when I was little, one of the best things about having a birthday during the school week was making cupcakes with my mom a night or two before.  The day of, you magically became the most popular person in the class, proudly passing around the cupcakes and having the power to choose who the lucky few were to get two.  OHHH how I do love cupcakes. 

I have noticed over the past year or so the wonderful return of the cupcake!  Ever where I turn, there is easy access for a  cupcake break: Magnolia Bakery! Crumbs! Buttercup! Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery! What I love about these places is they don’t just have ho-hum chocolate or vanilla flavors, but EVERY single possible concoction you could think of. Cookie Dough, Red Velvet, Triple Chocolate, Carrot Cake, Mint Chocolate, Peanut Butter Cup, Rocky Road, and OH so many more. 

The best is that Magnolia & Crumbs are in my office neighborhood, so whenever there is cause for work celebration, someone makes a trip and yay for me! Cupcakes! Why just today, it began as an otherwise ho-hum

day. I came into work, turned on my computer, made some oatmeal, spilled coffee all over the floor (oops) and looked at my emails. YES. There in my in- box was an invite to swing around a co-workers office for “holiday treats”. Success! Crumbs cupcakes! MMM. Coconut.


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  1. I’m on a diet. I hate you and those cupcakes…

    they look so delicious 😦

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