Yet Another Obsession

Yes my friends, it appears that I have a very addictive personality.  Really, it could be anything.  If I like something enough, I want it all day, everyday. For example, sour patch kids.  If I had my way, I would eat them every single day. There’s also Harry Potter, Thai food, Gossip Girl, Rent, Diet Sunkist or for that matter any diet fountain soda, party dresses and I’m sure many more. What is my latest you ask?


For the past year or so, slowly and surely, each of my family members have been roped in, encouraging me to get involved because they just knew I’d love it. I was reluctant.  That was all I needed, another show/book/anything that I began to physically yearn for. For example, there is my sweet wonderful Harry Potter. I almost whithered away to nothing and dramatically waved my arms whimpering, “why! this is all I had to look forward to for the Fall! What am I going to do now!!,” when I learned the new movie was postponed for release til July 09. 

After months of casual persuasion, I agreed and brought the first three seasons of Lost back on Thanksgiving and gave it a go.

AMAZING. Damnit. Damnit. Damnit. So good. So exciting. So emotionally draining. How have I lived life without it? Want to know what I did yesterday?  OH.  Watched about five hours of Lost.  Sure, I could have been productive by actually starting Christmas shopping or going out to enjoy the real world. Instead,  I opted to lay in my bed and find out what happened to  my friends on this very random island.

The new season starts next month.  I’m still two seasons behind. Think I’ll make it? For my sake, I really hope not.



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4 responses to “Yet Another Obsession

  1. Another thing to be addicted to..the Twilight Series…I read all four books in less than a month this summer. Sorry Kristine, but I had to give you something else 🙂

  2. kristicu423

    Yeah, the Twilight series is next for me, but I’m nervous. OBVIOUSLY I’ll become obsessed and that’s all I need!

  3. Vanessa Nessa

    Lost and two favorite guilty pleasures. Can you imagine Locke as a vampire? HAHA

  4. Vanessa Nessa

    Lost and Twilight…my two favorite guilty pleasures 🙂 Now let me just ask…can you imagine Locke as a vampire? Haha..Hi-larious

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