A Compass To Some

Without fail, I get stopped at least once a day for directions. I know,  being in NYC  with as many tourists as we get, of course your going to be stop from time to time.  But everyday?

Just to clarify, it doesn’t bothers me.  Actually,  I find it amusing. Little do they know that I pretty much have the WORST sense of direction and never have any idea where I’m going!  Not to say I’m just off in my own little world, but generally, I focus on other random details.  For instance, a friend will ask where I was the night earlier and I’ll have no reply with a, “ha! come on….kinda near maybe (fill in the blank)….”  On the other hand, I am full of answers when it comes to the menu, decor, what people were wearing and so on. My brain must feel no need to waste it’s space with addresses and landmarks I guess. Oh just you wait,  I’ll make for a very disoriented and annoying senior citizen someday.

The only logical explanation  I can think of is that out of all the scary snarling faces in the crowds of New York City, I stand out as one of the approachables.  While I do have an occasional frown on, more time than none, you’ll find me smiling or giggling away, reminiscing about the weekend that just past or of a story heard that day.  If I had the choice of the smiling bopping girl to the scary New Yorker, I’d probably choose me too.

Surprisingly, the directions I have given out thus far have been correct. Which way is Broadway? Where is Central Park? Is there an American Girl store near by? Where is Rockefeller Plaza?

Due to spending the past year and a half of my life in Midtown, all questions have been correctly passed along.

But then there was yesterday.

5:00 came  and off I skipped to flee the office and into the elevator.  While digging through my bag for the essentials – ipod, mitten, hats, and metro card – two men with over-night bags turned my way:

Excuse me, do you know the easiest way to get a cab?

Startled, because  I’m poor and don’t take cabs, in favor or either walking or subwaying it,  dumbly replied, “ummmmm. ha. well. I guess. Um yeah where are you going?”

Luckily, one of my well-paid co-workers who takes cabs, leaped out the woodwork and started explaining in detail their options.

Done and done. Vistors safetly lead to their destination. THEN my coworker turned to them as we were all walking down the street to suggest they take the subway instead.

Yes! I know the subway! I can redeem myself! Apparently though, my communication skills stopped working and I ended using the combination of  muttering something incoherent and pointing. Awesome.

The two business men looked at me oddly and then  shook my co-workers hand with thanks.

I rushed off with shame of knowing I have just been perceived as a “City Stupid”. And damnit,  I guess I kinda am….but still. Who wants to admit that?



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2 responses to “A Compass To Some

  1. I have a bad sense of direction too, I just never want to admit that. So I usually just silently try to avoid the entire situation.

  2. vDyWEp Thanks for good post

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