Case of the “Terrorism Paranoia” Blues

Without fail, every time I go home for a weekend or the holidays, I manage to bring back uncomfortably large amounts of luggage I didn’t originate with.  Saturday, for example, on top of an every-day bag and huge laundry bag I went down with, I returned with a shopping bag full of weekend purchases and three items of clothing my mom got dry cleaned for me. OH and a garment rack. Yeah, needless to say, if you were riding the train with me that day, I guarantee you gave me a mean face when I side checked you with one of my numerous bags.

I stepped onboard and slammed my way into the first seat seat available.  From there, I took about 5 minutes to burrow my cargo in any available spot. With a sigh,  I finally sat down to get comfortable, and noticed something out of the ordinary. A bag. A bag ALONE.  As in A bag alone with no visible owner.  Sitting over my head.  And it was the size of a bomb (I never actually seen a bomb, but I’m sure they come in the size of a microwave). From here, panick took over.  With all the news that surrounds terrorism and random trains and buses being blown up or hijacked etc., I automatically assume anything mysterious, like a suitcase sitting alone,  is obviously going to blow in minutes and I better have a plan for evacuation.

With the mystery package overhead, my mind statically pressed on with questions of, “should I tell someone? Those signs on the walls always say to tell someone who works there if you see something suspicious”, BUT, “Then again, it may just belong to the family across the way. But why? Why would they have it across from them in the overhead when they can have it over their heads??” hmmm…..”Should I ask them or would that be rude? Would they think if I picked it up I was stealing and they’d be alarmed and hurt me???”

What did I ultimately decide you ask? Well, instead of telling anyone or doing anything, I awkwardly moved my seat with ALL my stuff back ten rows, which I’m sure would have made zero impact if it were in fact a bomb.  Turns out it belong to the family across the way all along.


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  1. LOL. Okay, a bomb can come in almost any size, or at least the ingredients can. You’re alright. I think caution is always a good way to go and those ten rows? That could be the difference between being blown to bits and getting badly burned. I haven’t been in a blast, but i’ve seen them on TV, and i’m pretty sure the distance makes a difference.

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