Yay! It’s Christmas!

Wait wait wait. No it’s not. So why was it “Holiday Music Weekend” on the radio station 106.7???

Last night after a crazed weekend, which ended with a long train ride back to Hoboken, carrying roughly 700 bags (give or take), I opted to take a cab from the PATH to my apartment. How cabs work in Hoboken is as follows: You wait on line and generally share a cab with as many people as possible.  I think it’s a good idea. Car pooling is a good answer,no matter what driving situation you happen to find yourself. ANYWAY,  I slide into the cab and realized I came just in time for a four way awkward silence between me, the two other passengers, and the driver.  To break the silence, the cab driver put the radio on and I snarled/gasped to the sound of,


It is NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING. AS IN. It is November 17. As in I shouldn’t have to be stressing about Christmas yet. Or, I shouldn’t be sick of holiday songs already.  Does anyone really love them enough to need them when it’s not even the holiday season? Seriously. COME on.

RAR. So while mentally cursing stupid 106.7 for their dumb choice of music block weekend, can I just tell you the weirdo spots the other passengers got off? The first got off in the most remote part of Hoboken, chanting to the driver, “just in front of that sign. NO not that sign, that one, no..no. YES right HERE!”. And then the second one got dropped off in an abandoned grassy parking lot.  I can assume he was arriving for a drug deal or some sort of mysterious endeavour.

Never a dull moment.



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2 responses to “Yay! It’s Christmas!

  1. Are you crazy? I’ve been stressing about it since election day!

  2. Courtney

    I started listening to Christmas music yesterday and I feel I was late. But that does make me weird, I understand.

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