Just A Reminder, I Still Love You Harry Potter.

As I mentioned a few months back (see below for the link), I have a horrible obsession with Harry Potter. In my own defense, I think most people who end up reading tend to become infatuated as well. Seriously, it is one of those things (like msg and chocolate) that once you have a little taste, start craving and aching for.

Example 1: My friends Chiarina and Jay who initially got me into it. I didn’t understand and was amazed when she told me she finished one of the HUGE books in less than 50 hours. Now that I’ve been through the entire series over the course of maybe 4 months, I get it. It’s that good.

Example 2: My brother.  The scene: This morning on gchat.

johnyuniteus: i finished potter! ah! i can’t go on!

me: omg, amazing yes?

johnyuniteus: jesus too intense
my sweet sweet snape
the quote of harry’s, when he is explaining why it’s ok to be a slytherin
“you were named after two people, one was a slytherin and the bravest person I’ve ever known”  to his son, albus…jeepers

me: what will you do now? hibernate til the movies?  the last thing to look forward to pretty much in life…

Fine, perhaps I’m being a pinch melodramatic, but seriously, how dare they make us obsessive fans wait til July 2009 for the next movie, which by the way, looks amazing!!

(I’m going to stop now before I start sobbing, pouting a litte more than I already have been, and really sound pathetic…)


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