The Canadian Invasion!

I know in these times of economic trouble, banks are suffering dearly. But um. Wouldn’t you think they’d have the courtesy to tell their customers that they were merging and/or being sold??

Before heading into Philly on Saturday for Dracula’s Ball (I’ll tell you all about it next blog) I had some time to kill before my train and trotted on over to Commerce Bank to grab some cash.

Little did I know that Commerce Bank is NO more and has been replaced by TD Bank, one of the largest banks in Canada. Did I ask to be Canadian!? 

I’m sure it’ll be a very nice Canadian bank.  We’ll probably have a lovely relationship, but it would have been nice to have been informed that my bank had died.

So I walked through the doors, obviously way confused like all the other Commercers.  The once red and blue theme bank had been stripped, in favor of TD’s bright & shiny green. I wish they went all out and decorated it with a rustic theme. Perhaps throw in a fire place & wipe the walls with maple leaf wall paper and moose heads.  To top it off,  all the tellers would have to be authentic Canadians and wear mounty uniforms. If that were the case I’d welcome them with open arms.


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  1. waitaminute, i got my car loan from commerce bank. WTF???

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