Jobs I’m Glad I Don’t Have: Episode 1

As I have mentioned earlier, I have often wondered what my passion is and what I should be doing. I have no true calling.  And that sucks.  I would love to be ambitious in the workplace, but I have yet to discover what will drives me along in the professional world.  That being said, I have decided to add a new feature to my blog in which I keep a look out on jobs I would like and those I am very happy I don’t have to do.

Ok, this isn’t the exact person, but pretty much the same kind of man sits outside my office building and sells soup during lunchtime. Before I get into why I don’t want this job, I have to first compliment him(or whatever soup man chain this is) on their phenomenal soups. Oh man, nothing is better than a lobster bisque or clam chowder with a roll on a cold day.  For $5.00. MM.  I’ll split it in half and stretch it out for two days. Oh just wonderful.

So today, I went for a little stroll for a break and was happily surprised to see how mild it is. But then, I did a double take.

Hey….where’s the soup man????

It appears that he only works when it’s super cold out! Could you imagine? The only time you get to make some money is when it is god-awful freezing?? HELL NO. No thank you.  Or maybe the soup man does this in the winter & rocks it as an ice cream man in the summer?

Well, regardless. Meh. No thanks. I think I’ll stick to my cube for now.


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  1. But imagine what kind of a KILLING you would make on a cold day though? I think that it might possibly be worth the sacrifice.

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