Halloween Grinches

I wouldn’t say I’m a crazed-holiday person.  When it comes to the A-List holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, & Easter), that encourage me to eat as much as possible and to hang around with my family, fine. Gimme gimme. But the B-listers, such as New Years Eve & July 4th, I feel that there is this bubble of built up excitement that floats around them, but in the end, always leaves you with feelings of, “this is lame. I thought people had fun on holidays.  I should probably be having a way better time than this…”

Exhibit A: New Years Eve, my least favorite holiday.  Every year I have high hopes that it will be  the best one yet. But it’s tends to be kind of lame or I do something really dumb. So last year, the Splenda Stealer & I decided we would do whatever we wanted and ignore any type of invites we had previously recieved.   All we wanted out of New Years Eve was:

(A) To wear party dresses. 

(B) Go to at least one party.

(C) Take a spin around the dance floor. 

(D) Sleep in our own beds. 

Yes, we did complete each task.  New Years Eve was great, despite the fact that the next morning her & I both awoke with horrible mystery-drunk injuries and couldn’t walk right the rest of the week. But all in all, couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Now, to the point of this blog anyway…

Question: How could you possibly dislike Halloween?  I DON’T GET IT because I adore it so. Let’s think – it is a holiday for everyone. You get to dress up and party. Bob for apples, Dance dance! Eat candy, celebrate the fall. And it’s a holiday for all.  But, strangely enough, 3 of the people who sit behind me at work are anti-Halloweeners, saying it is “overly commercialized & created by retail”. Ahh gotta love the mind of a sales person. Um. If any holiday is commercialized it’s Valentine’s Day. But Halloween? Sweet wonderful chocolate covered Halloween? The fall wouldn’t be the same without it. I mean, Halloween in NYC is a free for all, where all of us crazy day dreamers get to dress us in whatever our heart’s desire.  When else could I wear a black vinyl dress and actually get away with it without feeling stupid or slutty?  So there.


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