Suicide Bicyclists

It was the Hoogaboom’s first trip to New York City and what a treat to be visiting in the fall.  Central Park was gushing with beautiful autumn colors and the street cart vendors filled the air with the aromas of roasted nuts and warm soup.  Being the fantastic Dutch family that they were, the ONLY option in experiencing the city first hand was to rent a couple bikes and tour the streets on their own terms.

“So family”, said the mother, “when shall we go?  Around 5? And we should probably just ride around in traffic right? Oh I’ve heard that these New Yorkers aren’t aggressive.  They won’t hit us, don’t bother with helmets”.

“Good idea”, the father said.  “And don’t worry about being alert or quick.  We’re visitors! Locals ALWAYS respect guests!”

This is all I could assume while watching an entire family leisurely (and I’m talking the absolutely slowest speed) teeter-totter peddle their way through traffic at 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon. Amazed. Absolutely amazed.


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