Healed & Ready To Run

Ok. I don’t think I feel confident of my foot’s strength to go running for another week or two, but Ahhh it’s great to be back to:

—- sprinting down the left side of the escalator

—- strolling to work in the morning

—- loathing slow walking tourists & senior citizens

I believe each experience in life is a lesson in disguise. So what have we learned from this? Take care of your body! One careless moment and you could lose something that has been taken for granted.  How many times have I walked to work and complained in my head, “UGH I am so bored of walking. I wish I was there. Wah wah, poor me. I can walk.” Or times when I’d be out running in my neighborhood and urge myself to move faster so I could get home and stop already.  But after I hurt myself, I started to daydream about taking walks & my body physically ached for exercise.

So never will you ever here me complain again about being mobile. No thanks, I’ll walk.


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One response to “Healed & Ready To Run

  1. As of now, the senior citizens are still kicking my ass. So yeah, still waiting.

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