Common Courtesy 101

There should be an unspoken, but agreed upon clause that if you want to live in an urban area like NYC, literally submerging into a mass of 1.97 million people, there should be a few COMMON COURTESY ground rules.

(please feel free to include more, but here are three, as of today,  I would be happy to enforce)

(1) If you work in a customer service related job, please PLEASE be considerate and aware that your body odor does affect everyone… AND THIS GOES FOR YOU TOO CAB DRIVERS.

Last night, after a weekend at home in Central Jersey, I had a joyful time being the supreme bag lady on the train-ride home.  As a treat and necessity to a still recovering sprained foot, I forfeited the $6.00 to take a cab from the PATH to my apartment about 10 blocks away.  As I opened the cab door, I was welcomed by the most disgusting curried flavored B.O. EVER.  And to top it off, the windows were locked and the heat was blasting away.  COME ON.  If you work at a job that your salary and livelihood are affected by tips,  wouldn’t you be aware that your disgusting odor is going to impact the tip amount (which it did) and receive evil glares (which I gave him the entire ride home)?  I am not trying to sound all high and mighty.  I was a waitress for a loooong time.  And never would I ever expect anything beyond the bare minimum looking like a slob and smelling like death.  Then the kicker.  He gave me attitude and an eye roll. Ahem, take a shower & put some deodorant on and I’ll give you an extra dollar next time.

(2) Hold doors open for others.

You gotta love Monday mornings when your half asleep and pouty because UGH it’s only Monday and the week is still long & young.  Picture the scene: your walking behind a fast-moving suit on a blackberry, when all of a sudden, he slams the door in your face, causing you to slam into the door and the 8 people behind to also stop short.  Thanks. Thanks alot.

(3) Be Discreet and quiet about running noses and sweaty faces.

My commute this morning would have been a peaceful experience. I had a comfortable seat.  The bus wasn’t overly-crowded. I had my book and a couple new songs on the ipod.  All signs pointed to a pleasant day. THEN he sat down. He was a young business, possibly mid-thirties and your typical suit. All the usual accessories. Wall Street Journal? Check. Already empty re-usable traveling coffee container? Check. In one hand he had a  black berry, which he was furiously scrawling like a mad-man. But the other hand was free…doing what you ask? OH blowing his nose and then wiping the sweat off his face. WITH THE SAME TISSUE. I swear, I could feel the sickness or whatever ailment he had flying in my direction. As the winter and illness months approach, please, please please please. COVER your mouth. Cough AWAY from the crowd. Use a tissue once and then carefully dispose of it. I don’t need your cold. No, seriously. I’d be happy without it. 

 Have a nice day 🙂


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