Bad (Falling) Karma

As most of you know, about two weeks ago I took a fall and sprained my foot. Today is actually the first day I’m walking around kinda normal.  For some reason, I don’t know if it’s because I have been injured and  noticing it more, or my dreadful karma’s doing, but I have been seeing PILES of people literally falling at my feet.

Fall 1:  While walking, well dragging my leg to the foot doctor two weeks ago, a kid on a skateboard  happily glided along.  All of a sudden, for no real reason, he was thrown off into the middle of the street.  As in, he could have been hit. And who was standing inches away?  Oh that’s right?  Me.

Fall 2:  Standing on the right side of the escalator a day later (as in the side where no one is expected to keep moving and can leisurely enjoy the ride), a hasty man in front of me struggled to get ahead. Oops!  He must have not have been paying attention,  tripped, and almost slid downward.  I immediately envisioned the scene in which he slid downward taking me and the mass of people behind down. Ha there would go my other foot.

Fall 3:  At this point, I was watching out for falls and more excuses to exclaim to whoever would listen, “see! See! I told you! I have bad falling karma!”  So on Wednesday, while walking home from all-you-can-eat sushi, I told Andrew about this phenomenon.  All of a sudden, a crowd surrounding an old lady appeared and I yelled, “She never would have fell if I wasn’t walking by”.  To which he replied, “I think she’s just sitting there, saying crazy things”.

Oh. Well fine.

Fall 4:  This is the best one & by far creepiest.  This morning during Al Roker’s weather, I heard someone walking down the stairs from the apartment above, followed by a BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!!! Then a “OH SHIT, OWWW”!!  Finally a scraping of her body off from the floor and picking up all the plastic bags she must have been carrying.  It sounded like 15 or so. Ugh I hope she wasn’t taking out the trash.

I froze.  I didn’t want her to hear me.  Obviously she would know it was my doing.  Sorry.  Heh… Happy Friday…?

I’ve also been noticing more injured people  (wearing braces, using crutches, boots etc.).  I almost feel a camaraderie and a desire to shout out a  “hey! look at us! We’re both clumsy! How much does it suck being injured in the city!”

But of course that all changes when someone who is permanently handicapped comes along, which then makes me feel over-dramatic and terrible. I’m complaining about a week or two of discomfort when this is a reality for someone. Pshhh poor little me.  Going to work a day or two ago, I ended up behind a man who also walked along with a bit of an uncomfortable limp. UMM. Get this.  In order to walk, he had to bend down and push on his knee.  Could you imagine? I would sure as hell not work in the city where I know I’d have to walk around all day. I’d get a motorized scooter and that be that. But him, courageous strong knee-handicap man.  Nothing  kept him down, no sirree. I slowed wayyyy down and attempted to walk normal. How terrible if he turned around and thought I was making fun of him??

So, do I have Bad-falling-Karma? No, I don’t think so. I’m just more alert to people falling & the disabled now.  In reality, I’m just overly clumsy.  it’s actually a surprise I haven’t injured myself earlier with all the falls I’ve taken.


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