To The Russians – Spasibo!

I’m always on the look out for fun interesting places to try out for Happy Hour.  Yet another great thing about being in the city is that there are infinite amounts of random holes in the wall that you would never know about unless tipped off. Luckily for us, living in a technological communicative age, one click on someone’s NYC tip blog, and off you go to a character location.

I can’t thank whichever blog enough The Splenda Stealer found recently that sent us to….. (drum roll please) 


The best place in the world. Why you ask? AMAZING. FLAVORED. CHEAP. TASTY. VODKA.

As you walk through the doors of The Russian Samovar, it feels as though you have just been transported to Russia.  It’s certainly not your typical NYC bar.  Everyone who works there is from the homeland and on my first two trips, we were the minority to the rest of otherwise Russian clientele.  Yesterday, the crowd grew quite a bit, ranging from miscallaneous Europeans and male Americans.   The atmosphere is cozy and extremely homey and at about 7-8ish or so, someone came in and played a little music.  One day it was a piano player/singer and the next a guitarist.  Always a treat.

I’ve been there three time thus far and each time has been a wonderful experience. The happy hour is a great deal.  On visit one, combined two people, we had 7 drinks. Which I guess equals 7 generous shots. Guess how much? $28! How amazing is that! And the flavors. Ohhh so many flavors.  Here’s an idea (from what I remember): Raspberry, cranberry, apple cinnamon, pineapple, pomegranate, mint, cherry, lemon, pepper, ginger, horseradish, dill, tarragon…and so on.

And if it couldn’t get any better, let me briefly mention the food. Yes, absolutely stupendous.  On visit two, we treated ourselves to appetizers: Wild Mushroom Vol-Au-Vent (pan seared mushrooms in a puffed pastry) and Pirozhok (beef or cabbage in a stuffed pastry). Both were wonderful. The mushrooms more so. The Splenda Stealer & I hope to make a dinner trip sometime in the winter, when we’ll be in much need for a big filling comfort meal.  I’ll be going for the roasted duck with apple and plum sauce.

So to sum it up. Run. Run to the Russians. As fast as possible.


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