Crazy-Man-Rant: A Thursday Edition

I feel that subway stations and crazy-man-rants go together hand in hand.  I could probably count on one hand alone the times going this way & that and being surrounded by even a dribble of peace.  It is guaranteed that there will be some random possible crazy person yelling out weird statements that don’t make any sense.  Due to my foot injury, I’ve been forced to take the subway to work everyday. Meh, not my favorite thing to do.  I prefer to walk the 12 blocks down and 4 avenues over, in favor of getting some morning exercise in before spending the majority of the day desk bound.


While taking, what it felt like, a 20 minute escalator ride this morning, some sort of disheveled man stood in the middle on the stairs and declared to the commuters,

“Only a fool lives with a woman! If you have to live with a woman, realize she’s retarded. Yes (chuckle chuckle) all woman are retarded. Oh they sure are. Oh you fools. Living. Working. LIVING with a woman? Retarded crazy stupid women!!?? No no no. Live life without a woman. That’s a life worth living”

And it continued like this until I was out of ear shot and I’m sure it’s still going on as we speak.

Seriously. Where were all the feminists!?  What I would have paid to see some sort of super-feminist jump off the escalator and take him down, all the while exclaiming, “stop oppressing us! We have fought men like you for the past 100 years in order to NOT to be treated this way”.  With that, the rest of us girls would be so inspired by her act of womanly defense and follow suit.  I of course am injured, so would just take pictures, yell along, and shake my fist.

Nope. Instead,  we just turned our ipods up and wished the escalator would move a bit faster.


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