Three Cheers For The Universe!

All the while growing up, I’ve been raised to believe that the Universe wants nothing but good for you and if you allow it,  positive and wonderful opportunites will always come your way.  For the past few months, I’ve been trying to slow down, open my eyes, and pay attention to what the world will provide.  And they aren’t always going to be these huge grand gestures.  Perhaps one day it’ll be free snacks in the kitchen at work on a day I am itching for a little pick-me-up or a recipe in a magazine I’ve been thinking about making. Regardless, they are all around if we can stop for a minute to truly appreciate.

While there have been many wonderful discoveries, here are a few of the favorites:

(1) I brought a real miserable lunch to work one day.  You know those weeks before payday where you  literally have to put together something I call “pantry scrap meals”? It’s basically mashing anything you have (canned or boxed) together to hopefully come out with something tasty.  I must say, I have experimented in the past two years and have come up with quite a few good meals.

Anyway, my lunch consisted of 2 measily ends of a loaf of bread and the ending scrapings of the jars of peanut butter & jelly. I think I also had a few almost too mushy to eat baby carrots. Ahh the luxurious life of the Sales Assistant 🙂

While eating my breakfast and reading the morning’s news, one of the big bosses came up behind me and said, “Hey Kristine! You free for lunch today? I want to take you and the other assistants out for lunch!”

“YESSS!”, I may or may not have said a little too eagerly, while choking on my Special K.  All I have to say is mmmmm to a wonderful Thai beef salad.

(2) In the interest of saving and scraping every penny I earn, have decided to cut many corners of what could be a very pricey week. Things like coffee, snacks, & food bought during the day are OUT of the question.  I’m blessed with an office that provides milk for my cereal and coffee for my nerves. The thing is though, the coffee isn’t that great.  It’s not the worst I’ve had, but definately not the best.  Probably the thing I miss most is really good coffee.  A few days after the free lunch incident, one of the Sales Reps (whom I assist) asked me send out a few Starbuck’s Gift Cards to some of his new clients.  While leaving my desk, as an after thought said, “and take one for yourself too.”

 Yes! Free coffee for me!

(3) And now for the most recent.  One of my favorite things to do is go to the bookstore and have the time and luxury to slowly lap around and admire all the books that I want to read, but can’t buy. Ok. To reiterate, that mantra “I will go in and not get ANYTHING”  often turns into “well. It’s on sale. And I neeeeed it. Right now. This very minute”.  On a few occasions, I have picked up the book “Geisha,  A Life”, and have been on the verge of purchasing it.  I always talked myself out of it, rationalizing the fact that I already read, “Memoirs of a Geisha” and they are probably very similar anyway.   It has lurked in the back of my mind though, hoping to be someday read. 

Coming home from A&P on Friday, who did I see sitting on my stoop? A box of books with a side reading, “FREE books!” And guess who was among the other home-library rejects! Thats right! I’m reading it now and It’s just great!

So thank you Universe. I’m sorry if I ever doubted you wanting anything bad in my life.  It makes it exciting to live through the day, wondering what other wonderful things will cross your path.  Try it for a week or two. Once you start noticing all the little gifts of good fortune, it’ll be hard to have a bad day.


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