THATS It. I’m Moving To Chinatown.

After working in a Thai Restaurant, for what I feel was most of my life,  have developed an insane obsession with Asian Food. Most specifically ALL Thai, Sushi, and Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup).

Some mornings/afternoons, I’ll often go to and admire all the great places to eat in MY budget. Generally,  I end up looking up Thai places first and then loom around the noodle soup section.

(I was stalking this soup earlier today…Thanks CheapAssFoods) 

WITHOUT fail, anytime I send my friend Geraldine (who lives in Chinatown) a link to check out some super-amazing looking buns (the Chinese steamed ones and dim sum) or a good noodle soup, she’ll always reply with a:

“Oh! I live around the corner from there! Ohhh I was just there! MMMM I was there, but didn’t get anything!”

To which I reply:

……LUCKY…..No fair!! What, what about me…..?

(All the while crossing my arms across my chest and stamping my feet. All very a la three year old)

After talking to her, I then daydream about my life in Chinatown and how I’d only eat noodle soup & buns every day. Maybe the community would accept me with open arms and I’d join the Chinese population for Sunday dim sum. After our meal, we’d cross the street and do some Tai Chi in the park.  When it came time to cook a nice meal, I’d have all the most wonderful vague and exotic ingredients and bask in an Asian sea of fragrant rice and fish sauce.

*sigh* One of the days. Til then I’ll just live vicariously through Geraldine.


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