So Long 30 Days of Yoga

As many of you know, my friend the Splenda Stealer & I attempted the “30 Days For $30” challenge at the New York Bikram Studio. We were convinced that not only would we become more spiritually enlightened, but would get into great shape and lose piles of weight. Well. I got through 5 days. Fine! 5 days. BUT there are good and legitimate reasons behind my abandoning the challenge. Before we get into that, I’d like to mention that during our 5 days of bikramness, the Splenda Stealer & I became homesick and pouty for Vinyasa yoga, the yoga we used to do back before our gym randomly closed for no reason (see link below for the back story). It was also disappointing that I wasn’t nearly as sore as I hoped to be. AND to top it off, SS & I didn’t like any of the poses and… yeah missed downward facing dog and head stands. So long Bikram.

The biggest reason of all is as follows: I fell. Yup. I fell down the slipperiest of the slippery steps of my life. Down. Down down down I went. I spent yesterday icing my foot, which apparently made no impact on it’s recovery. Off to the doctor I go later. Fun I know. Oh how I do adore a good x-ray.

Anyway. One bum foot = no more hot sweaty yoga. My mom, the spiritually evolved woman that she is, said perhaps it was my body’s way of telling me it wasn’t enjoying the 30 days of bikram yoga…. well, I’m sorry foot. There was an awful amount of standing leg strengthening poses. And they all were pretty miserable, so I guess my stubborn little body was NOT having it.

What’s next? Well some day when my foot returns to it’s normal color (black and blue at the present moment) and it’s usual size (about the size of a football right now), SS & I are heading over to Yoga To The People! It’s power Vinyasa AND well priced. Basically a gem, considering anywhere else in the 100 miles radius does NOT fit within my scrappy budget.

Perhaps it was a blessing and my body’s ultimate sacrifice for SS & I to get out of 30 days of boring bikram blahness. I just hope the next time my body wants to make a statement, perhaps it can go on a hunger strike. No foot in NYC? Come on. It’s like having no coat in the winter. No ketchup for tasty yum fries. No lime in my corona. You get the idea. Hopefully it’s just a little thing that needs one more day off of work to heal properly…..Stay tuned.


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