Oh, The Luxury Of Ingredients: The Breakfast Edition

An omelet (obviously), with spinach, olives, fresh basil from the garden (naturally), and feta cheese. Accompanied with toasted rye bread.

Now you probably figure that I must have gone food shopping and become inspired to grow a garden on my fire escape. Oh how I wish it was true, but alas, I am lazy & poor. Any chance of growing anything on the fire escape would be out of the question because our kitten gets out there and would eat up the veggies in a minute. If she didn’t, than I’m sure a squirrel or pigeon would. Do pigeons like basil or mint? Well certainly, the ones who are tired of seeds and bread scraps would.

This lovely omelet was constructed at my parent’s place on Sunday morning. I woke up and I immediately thought of their overly stocked fridge and garden and decided to treat myself. MM. So tasty. I brought my entire spread out to the deck to enjoy my breakfast and read the newspaper.


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