What I Had For Dinner Last Night

What is this you ask?

Venison Sloppy Joe’s with olives, on whole wheat bread and a side of steak fries.

A few words about my meal:

—First of all I am not a hunter , neither am I a kind of person who tends to buy interesting or exciting meats. It wasn’t as if I went out into my parent’s backyard, shot a deer, skinned it, gut it etc. and later made it into a sandwich. My sister’s boyfriend is a hunter and I guess once you get a deer, have ALOT of meat, so they pushed it along to me. Having never had game meat prior was kinda freaked out, but then quickly remember that I am poor and never buy meat. The closest thing to meat I buy is a block of tofu. Mayyyybe chicken. But that’s a stretch. So I figured, “It can’t be all that bad”.
Yeah, it’s great. Very tasty and apparently lower in calories, cholesterol, & fat. Who knew.
—I threw olives in because I recently fell in love with the olive family, bought some, and now am desperately trying to find ways to incorporate them in all my meals.
–The bread was stolen from my parents this weekend. I don’t like food shopping and my mom always has back ups for all staple foods. They went to a pool party, leaving me alone at the house, so I took it upon myself to lap around the kitchen and see if anything struck my fancy (loaf of bread, diet Sunkist, & two apples).

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  1. david calamoneri

    Throw some olives in your marinara (tomato) sauce and pasta!

    You know you can buy a whole assortment of olives at the Hoboken Farmers’ Market, located at Washington and Newark Sts. every Tuesday from 3:00 to 7:30!


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