The Word Of The Day Is Harry Potter!

A long time ago when Harry Potter was still brand new to the world, I made a vow to never get included in the HP hoopla-craze. How could I, a well read and maybe 22 year old  ever like a book that children also loved? I would laugh at the people  who dressed up as their favorite characters for the new book release parties and movie premieres. Haha not me. No no nevvvver.

Skip forward to I’m guessing 2006-ish, when my friend Chiarina met & fell in love with Harry. I assume I said, “Nooooo! Why?? How??What”! She happily stated to the world that no only was Harry Potter her favorite books series, but also her favorite movies. Chia pleaded with me to give him a chance. She would attempt to get me to come over for Harry Potter movie nights and ploy the books off onto me, saying, “just read one of them! Just try!” And I would firmly say, “nah, I don’t think so, meh meh, blah blah.” She wanted me to try it out before I was so hasty to judge.  Looking back, I did hate on HP for no reason. I knew nothing about the story or the characters OR how amazing and wonderful the story is.

Oh yeah, by the way, I am currently OBSESSED with Harry Potter. Yup, Chia and Jay (her bf at the time, now fiance) got me to watch the movies, where I stubbornly said, “yeah, they were pretty good, FINE I’ll take some books”, as if doing them a favor. But once one and two were done, I HUNGERED for more.

Do you want to know what I did last night? At the height of my Harry Potter craze, I not only watched “Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban“, but then I finished reading “Harry Potter & Order of The Phoenix”! And yes, both made me cry!
So now onto book 6 and then book 7, meaning the Harry Potter series will be over for me. Is it weird that this is something I fear and get deeply saddened over? That after reading the books, I feel so bad for Harry and want to give him a hug? Yes, I think its crazy too…
But we still have the new movies to look forward to.
Now the next issue is deciding who (Chia, Jay, or I) gets to dress like Harry for the next movie premier. I think I’ll give them Harry if I can be Ron. Or maybe Hagrid.


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3 responses to “The Word Of The Day Is Harry Potter!

  1. Anonymous

    pretty good for 635 in the morning..i myself have no clue about HP but i will tell you he’s gay. as for being ron, i like your style.

  2. Cottage Way of Life

    I felt the same way about HP. My mom was totally obsessed with it, and I refused to get into them. Then last Halloween a group of my friends needed a Bellatrix LeStrange ( I think she appears in 5 right?) for their costume party, so I said okay. When I did my research for the costume, I decided I needed to know who I was playing, so I read the books. Holy cow they were good. I read them all in 2 weeks. I would lay in bed all night long, and my husband would wake up in the morning with me still up reading. I told him it was research. Hahaha. You will really get into 6 and 7! BTW found your blog when I did a search on short edgy hair. Love your blog, I’ll be back. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    yeah!!!!!!!!!! wait till you get into 6. I read 6 in 4 days and 7 in 1 day! they are so good!!!


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